Meet The Owners

Cassidy Chamberlain

cassidychamberlainHey y’all thank you for your visiting Cinch ‘Em Up Stables website! Cassidy grew up in upstate New York surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains. She loved growing up as a farmer’s daughter. She was always  helping her father bottle feed calves, watching cows getting milked, riding around on tractors and hay wagons.

That soon changed to horseback riding and breakaway calf roping. When Cassidy's father was younger, he competed in Rodeo, calf roping was his specialty. When Cassidy was old enough to start riding horses and swinging a rope he taught her “the ropes.” She spent much of her free time practising roping and riding horses.

Her father would often buy green horses at auctions and then they would put a lot of riding time on them and train them till they were safe enough for kids to ride or even some they trained into roping horses, which they would then resell to good homes . Cassidy enjoyed that very much - riding horses all the time and making a horse into something great that others could enjoy riding or roping on.

When she was ready to start competing in jackpot rodeos at local ranches, her dad loaded up the trailer with her little palomino pony and they were off. The first few years competing were full of excitement fun and frustration. When she was ready to rope and compete with the pros, her trusty pony Chessy just wasn't fast enough. So she up-graded to a faster all-around horse named Jed, and started placing at rodeos and winning belt buckles. That led to her joining the American Professional Rodeo Association in 2001. In the APRA, she competed at local rodeos like Painted Pony Rodeo in Lake Luzerne NY, Pond Hill Pro Rodeo in Castleton VT, and Double M Pro Rodeo in Ballston Spa NY, as well as traveling from NH to VA.

Cassidy enjoys her many championships, meeting new people, making new friends and memories along the way. She's passionate about her horses, riding, training and sharing that with others. See ya on the trails.

Kyle Gardner

smokyropingKyle was born and raised on his family farm - working cattle has been his way of life ever since he was a kid.

Over the past few decades, Kyle's family farm has produced fresh vegetables for his family's restaurant, as well as their vegetable stand. Their beef cattle also supply the restaurant with federally inspected organically raised beef, which is also sold locally.

After your ride, stop in at Gardner's Ice Cream and Coffee Shoppe for a home cooked meal or the best ice cream in Stephentown, or better yet both! It's located just down the road aways from the stables.  

During the summer months Kyle's family is found working hard in the hay fields which produce hay for their cattle and horses as well as other farms and local horse owners. Also, during the spring and summer, Kyle can be found practicing his roping skills to prepare for rodeos and jackpots where he tests his skills by competing in roping against friends and fellow competitors. On his down time Kyle loves taking a relaxing trail ride and enjoying the country landscape and wildlife.

Kyle's passions are his family, the outdoors, roping, and hunting. Offering horseback riding is a way he can share his love of the outdoors with others. Cinch 'em Up Stables is the result of Kyle's desire to offer a fun family adventure where you can come and enjoy the beautiful picturesque land and wildlife that he enjoys so much.

Come enjoy a trail riding adventure with Kyle and Cassidy or just mosey on in and check out the excitement of the arena events.  Check the calendar for upcoming dates for team roping, breakaway roping, cattle sorting, and more!